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Paying for beats or not?

There should be some type of mandatory checkbox that say's something along the lines of "Are you willing to pay for beats or not?".

It would save both parties a lot of time if they both know what they want out of the deal. Whether it be a serious artist shopping for beats to use on a official release or somebody doing A&R work for an artist or label that isn't going to pay out of their pocket.

Say if a producer is only interested in selling beats for profit then they don't have to worry about sending beats to an artist that ONLY wants beats to freestyle over or just for their mixtape, and artists don't have to worry about asking for beats just to find a beat that they extremely like only to be shot down with a price they never intended on paying in the first place!!!

It's also better because producers won't have to worry about their beats getting saturated around and being uploaded to different websites if it's not a serious inquiry.

Not saying making this mandatory box won't stop people from abusing this check box and wasting peoples time, BUT it's worth a shot to organize the people who are dead serious about their music from people who just do it for fun or don't want to invest in their music career.

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DESERT OASIS shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminIain Meddicks (Founder, SendBeatsTo) responded  · 

Another great suggestion – thank you!

I can imagine how frustrating it is sending beats and then the artist wanting them for free.

When we list requests we tend to skip over artists that say they’re looking for free beats but a lot don’t bother saying which leads to this situation.

What I always recommend is sending snippets or tagged beats, if the request says no snippets / no tags then just skip over it.

Something like this will be added as we looking to change up the way artists make requests and how they are shown.



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