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Mandatory genre checkbox

There should be a drop down menu for which genre of beats the artists are looking for, whether it be death metal or trap beats.

It's difficult when some artists ask for beats, and there could be around 25 beat requests, and out of those 25, only 6 of those artists will feature the type of beats that the they are searching for.

The problem arises when only TWO of those 6 beat requests clearly state which genres they're looking for specifically, and the other FOUR will say something along the lines of:
"Rick Ross type beats, Pitbull type beats, Chief Keef type beats".

They're only saying what artists that you might hear on the type of beats that you're sending, but not an actual GENRE!

There should be multiple drop down menus (around 6-7 of them) with different types of music genres, AT LEAST ONE of those drop down menus should be mandatory. They will have subcategories for those drop down boxes;
(ex: Hip Hop>Trap, boom bap, or sampled)
(ex: Electronic> Progressive house, big room, or deep house)

Or just one main menu with check boxes for each subcategory specifically. Maybe also a box where artists can type in their own genre if it isn't already there in the menu.

The main genres should be the mandatory ones (ex:Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Rock), whereas the subcategories will be optional if the artist is strictly searching for specific types of music.

The menu should grey out the sub genres you chose already if you open a new drop down menu, and put a green hue on the main genres indicating that you've chosen sub genres already so you know what genres you've chosen and don't end up opening that category again.

This will help from sending Trap beats to an Electronic artist, or sending Boom Bap beats to a Trap artist, it'll make the whole process much more efficient and save people time from receiving types of beats that they weren't looking for and for producers sending beats to people that aren't interested in their beats but didn't clearly state when kind of beats they wanted.

This is just an idea and it doesn't have to be this specific, but an already laid out menu with different genres will save both parties trouble and time since there is a lack of communication until after you send the beats.

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DESERT OASIS shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminIain Meddicks (Founder, SendBeatsTo) responded  · 

Thanks for the suggestion Desert!

I get what you’re saying and understand where you’re coming from.

We’re going to be doing away with the current system and switch to a tagging system as suggested by Desoulbel – – or something similar, which will also make it easier to find requests looking for specific genres.

For now: In the daily email we’ll move the ones that specify a genre to the top and the ones that don’t to the bottom.



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